Private Equity Capital

In a complex, crowded market, private equity firms need a combination of deep experience, initiatives and ideas that can help them to create value, unlock potential and plan the next stage of a business’s growth. Our private equity advisory specialists advise investors, funds and portfolio companies on how to make their investments work across the entire transaction life cycle.

Asset Securitization and Formation

We provide a complete solution for Asset-backed security offerings that bridge the gap between traditional Asset Management Companies, Funds and Investors. We monetize traditional assets such as real estate, commodities and physical assets through the utilization of Blockchain and Digital Securitization Technology.

End-to-End Solution for Digital Security Offerings (DSO)

Intellective’s deep understanding and experience in creating digital securities allows us the capability to provide a targeted DSO solution for our clients. Regardless of our clients location or scope of understanding we provide a comprehensive solution to any and all fundraising requirements.

Intellective Capital

We are trusted investment banking advisors to business owners and senior executives of leading private equity firms and public and privately held companies around the world. We provide traditional and non-traditional fundraising solutions for large to medium sized enterprises. We offer a full range of services including Private Equity, Business Advisory, Turnaround Management, Marketing Services, Consulting Services and Digital Security Offerings. No matter the project we will design, develop and execute with precision and speed.

Private equity capital

Intellective assists clients in virtually every industry in locating capital for a variety of purposes. The firm sources equity and debt capital to be used in operational functions, growth plans, roll-up campaigns, acquisitions of specified targets, and many other opportunities. Normally, Intellective is brought into a transaction at an early stage in order to prepare business and investment documentation. This customarily includes valuation opinions, business plan details, investment structure and terms, marketing materials, offering memoranda, and closing documents.

Our team has experience in arranging capital through a variety of capital solutions:

  • Private Equity
  • PIPEs (Private Investments in Public Equity)
  • Common Stock
  • Preferred Stock
  • Convertible Securities
  • Warrants
  • Senior Debt Instruments
  • Asset-Based Credit Facilities
  • Long-Term Senior Institutional Debt (Fixed or Floating)
  • Lease-Backed Notes
  • Mezzanine Debt
  • Second Lien Notes
  • Convertible Subordinated Debt

Business Advisory Services

Intellective is a preeminent business advisory firm with a demonstrated record of helping businesses grow and succeed in the rapidly evolving international marketplace. By offering a wide range of services and expertise tailored to meeting individual client needs, Intellective engages in every stage of strategic planning, raising capital, risk management, market development, ongoing operations, and asset sales.

Success requires in-depth knowledge and extensive first-hand experience.

Intellective has helped hundreds of corporations of all sizes succeed by assigning project teams tailored to the specific business or investment opportunity. Our strategy capabilities span across corporate and business unit strategies, sales, and marketing.  Our operational capabilities include performance management, corporate restructuring, and complex project and program management.

Going Global

Sound corporate and financial decisions require a realistic appraisal of the political, economic, and business environment, and practical experience.  Intellective has experience with the many regulatory, political, and financial institutions that affect the activities of companies abroad.  With experience working in 11 countries, Intellective truly understands how the globalization of services and the expansion of global financial markets present extraordinary business opportunities and challenges.  We can help you recognize and capitalize on emerging business opportunities.

The Intellective Advantage

As an private equity banking firm, we also provide services that many consulting firms cannot provide, such as:

  • Political and business risk assessment of target markets
  • Market-entry strategy and business venture structure development
  • Identification and securing of sources of capital
  • Identifying and evaluating potential transactions and companies for debt or equity investments, mergers, acquisitions and spin-offs
  • Identification and vetting of potential joint venture partners
  • Management of regulatory and taxation issues
  • Access to foreign government leaders, agencies and institutions, senior corporate executives, investment banks, private equity funds, international financial institutions, global accounting and legal expertise
  • Resolution of investment and operational challenges and disputes

For the past 20 years, the managing partners at Intellective have established themselves as well-known business leaders in both foreign and domestic markets, working with small corporations as well as industry giants. We are confident that we can assist you in achieving all your goals, whether they are strategic or operational.

Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory

Intellective is engaged by either a seller or a buyer of a business in order to transact the acquisition or sale of the entity or the assets of a business. Our team assists in establishing goals, identifying, suitors or targets, drafting valuation documents, creating offering memoranda (as necessary), qualifying prospective buyers, and assisting with transaction structuring.

The Intellective team provides the following to clients:
  • Represent Senior Executives, Boards of Directors, Creditors and
    Independent Committees
  • Strategy and Negotiation
  • Provide Fairness Opinions
  • Identify and Evaluate Potential Targets or Acquirers
  • Develop Business Plans
  • Source New Equity or Debt Capital

End-to-end fundraising service

  • Business Planning, Financial Modelling
  • Whitepaper, Pitch Deck Creation
  • Digital Security Type & Economics
  • App, Platform, Website Design
  • Blockchain Technology Advisory
  • Digital Security Creation & Issuance
  • Advertisement & Marketing
  • Private & Public Fundraise
  • Secondary Market Trading & Listing

Turnaround Management

Following the recent economic recession, many distressed companies have faced an uphill battle when determining strategies for profitability restoration. It is imperative to take swift, appropriate measures in order to sufficiently address financial and operational difficulties. Intellective has provided turnaround consulting services across diverse industries in a wide range of situations. Our professionals deploy financial and operational rescue tactics necessary to restore profitability in the most practical manner possible.

Depending on the specific needs of each client, Intellective deploys the necessary tactical solutions customized for each project, which can include:

  • Interim CFOs and CEOs
  • Various credentialed industry-specific practitioners
  • A professional team built to deliver specific results
  • Hands-on implementation and improvement of performance metric

Our professionals work with clients to focus on:

  • Recommending updates to business processes in order to drive operating efficiencies
  • Identifying methods for improving organizational structure and staffing levels
  • Reviewing and monitoring expenses, credit relationships, and cash flows
  • Developing reorganization plans and forecasts of future performance
  • Monitoring variances and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), which track weekly performance

The Intellective approach is specifically designed to position clients for survival in the long-run by:

  • Continuing operations without the burden of unmanageable debt
  • Reshaping the organization for maximum efficiencies
  • Realigning expenses to an appropriate level
  • Improving operational performance

List of DSO Services

We provide a complete end-to-end solution for the securitization of equity, assets or debt while facilitating crowdfunding, private placements, debt offerings and other financial structures surrounding capital formation.

DSO Investment Package

  • Legal and compliance documents, creation of financial models, risk disclosures, smart contract, KYC and AML accreditation, investment/capital transfer procedures.
  • Development of DSO protocol (ie ERC 20 or other) including Equity, Debt or Asset.
  • KYC/AML/Accreditation automated investor management system
  • Development of Whitepaper
  • Development of Financial Materials, Models and Disclosures aimed at investors (Pitch Deck, Teaser Documents, Pro-Formas)

Legal Filings and Document Creation

  • Create all DSO Legal Documentation including: SAFT S, SAFT D, Data Storage policies, Legal Terms and Conditions.
  • Incorporation of Off-shore entities or holding corporations to ensure minimum taxation and compliance requirements (Cayman, BVI, Puerto Rico etc)
  • Legal review of all documentation and Website to ensure compliance
  • Formation and submission of all U.S. private placement exemptions including but not limited to Reg D, Reg A and Reg CF, Reg S

Fundraising in DSO Friendly Nations

  • USA and United Kingdom
  • Most European Countries
  • Korea
  • Japan
  • South East Asia
  • South America
  • Tax Haven Countries (Caribbean, Guernsey Jersey, Malta)

Our DSO White label Solutions

Getting investors trust is quiet a challenging task. We do analyse and plan exclusive marketing strategy to bring in investors trust and get the desired result.


  • Fast integration to existing Investor bases
  • Flexibility for different KYC and AML regulations 
  • Automated support for new Investors 
  • Compliance to data protection laws (including GDPR, local Asian, Eastern European requirements and more)
  • Legal and technical support 24/7
  • Global Footprint (we support even difficult cases, such as documents on local languages)

AI-Based ID Verification and Easy On-Boarding  

Facial Check

We require a selfie to match the Identity of the user with the Identification submitted

Identity Check

Our system references national databases to verify documents validity and easily catches IDs that have been forged, fabricated or stolen

Address Check

We scan utility bills, bank statements and other applicable documents against government databases to ensure legitimacy

The Benefits of Digital Security Offerings

Series A/B/C funding

Founders and early investors are not waiting for acquisition by strategic investors or an IPO to make their shares liquid.

DSOs provide a global network of investors looking for International diversification.

DSOs boost valuation by providing investors with unprecedented amounts of liquidity.

Real Estate & Development Projects

DSOs provide developers with virtually instant access to global capital markets.

DSOs establish protocols and legal frameworks specifically tailored to the needs of your Fund and Investors.

Traditionally Real Estate lacks liquidity, DSOs solve this problem by providing access to Secondary Markets

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME)

Decrease your compliance burden with less hoops to jump through than a traditional IPO.

Lower your costs by more than half by using DSOs.

By providing access to the global community of investors DSOs create liquidity for company assets or equity.


Smaller investors have access to larger seed rounds and less paperwork with our accreditation system.

Digital securities exchanges are investor friendly: accessing them is easier than accessing traditional stock exchanges.

Global access to DSO Investments creates unmatched diversification opportunities

News & Blog

We are a team of passionate marketing professionals creating and reprinting DSO based current news & projects.

FinTech Adoption Sees 72% Increase from Coronavirus

Coronavirus – the cause of COVID-19 – has already made dramatic impacts on our working and personal lives. More specifically, a growing percentage of individuals are being forced to work from home, even in industries where this initially seemed unlikely. While many are either celebrating or lamenting this change, there’s no denying that this massive workplace shift has led many to adopt new technology platforms. Now, the situation has greatly accelerated FinTech adoption — by an astounding 72%.

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SEC Chief Jay Clayton: We Are “Not Looking to Expand Securities Laws.”

The SEC continues to avoid discussions on possibly updating its securities laws. The current laws on-the-books go back some 85 years and many claim they have become outdated in today’s digital world.

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SEC Commissioner Peirce Proposes Three-Year Grace Period for Token Sales

On February 6th, 2020, U.S. SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce revealed a significant proposal at the 4th International Blockchain Congress in Chicago. She wants to give cryptocurrency projects a three-year grace period to develop a network and grow a decentralized infrastructure prior to being subject to U.S. securities laws.

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